Diabolo SiteSwaps Contest

Why ?

Diabolo is an Art, Art needs Technic, Technic needs Theory.
The SiteSwaps theory for Diabolos exists for now more than 5 years, but the use of it is still not well-known. The idea of the Diabolo SiteSwaps Contest (DSSContest) is to broadcast the use of siteswaps among all diabolists.
It's not a competition between diabolists, we don't care about about who's the best.
It's a quest by all diabolists of the siteswaps theory, we just want to know which point of the theory we can reach, the whole of us diabolists.

Where ?

The 1st DSSContest will take at the 32th EJC (European Juggling Convention) in Vitoria, SPAIN.
In the site of EJC, there are huge halls called "Frontons" (where Basque people plays Chistera, a Basque sport). The DSSContest will take place in the biggest "Fronton" which is 15 meters high (height level 6-7 for siteswaps). There are about 1500 seats for people to watch the contest.

When ?

On tuesday the 7th of July 2009, from 14h00 to 18h00.

Who ?

The contest is open to every diabolist who want to participate. There will be 3 classes : 2 diabolos, 3 diabolos, 4 diabolos. You can register in one or several classes.

Priam, who had the idea of DSSContest, will be the compere. There will be also 3 judges to decide if an attempt of siteswap is validated or not. The names of the judges will be annonced soon.

What ?

For each class, there will be a different list of siteswaps to achieve. In a list of siteswaps, there are :

  • Required siteswaps : a short list that the diabolist has to achieve first before attempting the rest of the list. Without achieving this short list, the diabolist cannot continue the contest in this class.
  • Advanced siteswaps : a longer list with all interesting siteswaps. Most of them have been done already once by someone on earth, but there are also some long or difficult ones that we want to be achieved for the first time at this first DSSContest. So we need all the master class diabolists of the world to achieve the whole list...

The precise list for each class will be published on this page few weeks before the event. Until that, you can already have a look to a basic list of siteswaps that are in the Diabology DVD, we already know that the final lists we include at least that list.

The precises rules are still being discussed by the judges, but we already know that we don't pay attention to drops, the idea is more to have an amount of time for each diabolist to achieve the more siteswaps he can.
Precise rules will be published on this page few weeks before the event.

For the ten diabolists who will achieve the more siteswaps on the 3 diabolos list, we will be happy to offer that wonderful T-Shirt about Diabolos Siteswaps, created by the great juggling pictures designer Manu and his juggling wear concept C2laballe .

For any questions, remarks or requests about the first Diabolo SiteSwaps Contest, please use this form to contact Priam.