Bande annonce du DVD DIABOLOGY

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Two Looses in Toulouse
Two Loose in Toulouse
Baptiste & JiBe
with 3 diabolos, for each,
but not at the same time...
You will see... (september 2003)

MPEG (18.5 Mb)

Tony sur Canal Plus
On air on channel Canal+, 24 july 2004.

MPEG (20 Mb)


JiBe et le Masque
open stage in Toulouse, march 2002.

MPEG (27 Mb)


The Mad French Posse à l'EJC 2004
The Mad French Posse
open stage in EJC 2004 in Carvin.

WMV (18 Mb)


Eric et Antonin dans Diabology
Eric and Antonin,
"Of Baguettes and Diabolos",
extract from the DVD
(march 2004) .

MPEG (40 Mb)


The Mad French Posse à Prague
The Mad French Posse
(Antonin, Trash & Priam)
in Prague for Zonglovani Festival 2005.

WMV (34 Mb)


Le duo de Lena et Priam
Lena Köhn & Priam
duo in Prague et Zonglovani Festival 2005.

WMV (34 Mb)


Priam  3 diabolos  Ypres 2006
end of the act in Ieper 2006,
with 3 and 4 diabolos.

WMV (8 Mb)